An Introduction to Cabaret HotTrax for Artists/Vendors

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cabaret HotTrax?

Cabaret HotTrax is a marketplace where composers and arrangers can sell their original compositions, arrangements, and services in digital and virtual forms.

Cabaret HotTrax is the digital marketplace of Cabaret Hotspot, an online magazine dedicated to small venue performance. Along with Cabaret University, our learning annex, HotTrax completes the Cabaret Hotspot universe, and is dedicated to helping small venue performers reach their artistic and performance goals.

What Can I sell on Cabaret HotTrax?

On Cabaret HotTrax you can sell any of your own original music and digital media, for which you own the rights. This can include accompaniment and learning tracks, music minus 1 audio or midi files, special arrangements, sheet music and/or charts, and full performance recordings (video or audio). You can also sell consultation appointments (coaching, and arranging sessions, etc). And, through our partnership with Timewarp Technologies, you can turn all of your original music into Superscore files, and sell them directly on the Superscore app.

Does it cost anything to be a vendor?

No!  Cabaret HotTrax receives a 15% commission on every item or service sold though the marketplace.

How much do I charge for my products/services?

You are free to set your own prices for your original material, services and consultations. However, we do suggest minimum of $2.99, per audio file and $4.99 for Sheet Music/Chart. Midi files can start at $3.99, and complete SuperScore files can start at $5.99 each, and go up from there, should you choose to deliver your product in that way, depending upon which SuperScore resources you have provided (Urtext, Video Performance, Midi playback tracks, etc.). 

Does Cabaret HotTrax take a commission on my product sales? If so, how much?

Yes, as mentioned above, HotTrax receives a 15% commission on every item or service sold though the marketplace. This allows the site to remain solvent so we can continue to promote your work and services.

How do I get paid?

Deposits are made directly to your bank account or to your PayPal account, however you choose to set it up. When someone purchases a product, your profit (minus commission and Paypal fees) will be deposited into your HotTrax account and you can choose to bank that money until a certain amount of revenue has been reached, OR you can receive payment each and every time an item sells.

How will you advertise the site and products I am selling?

Cabaret Hotspot will advertise the HotTrax marketplace as part of our aggressive marketing campaign across all social media platforms and in related print magazines, wherever applicable. Additionally, Tier-3 members will be regularly featured on the HotTrax homepage and individually featured on our social posts and marketing emails. We are committed to promoting YOU and your work.

What are the copyright issues? Do I have to pay for mechanical rights?

You should only offer your original material, and special arrangements, for which you have the copyright. Cabaret HotTrax is in the process of acquiring a mechanical license for Superscore versions of copywritten material. If you are interested in selling previously copywritten material on the Superscore app please contact us for more details.

I already publish my music with a different publisher. Are there conflicts?

We have no conflict with or claim to any other publisher or partner through which you may sell your original material. We are here to support your work and services, and we welcome non-exclusive distribution agreements. You are free to sell your material on Cabaret HotTrax and on any other platform(s) you choose. If you have contractual obligations to a publisher, it is your sole responsibility to honor your agreement with that publisher, independent and separate from any distribution commission paid to Cabaret HotTrax.

What content do I need to provide for each product I sell?

You are free to choose which file formats (any or all) that you would like to sell (audio, video, midi, Superscore, PDF, etc.). To set up your store and get selling, there are several media items you need to have ready.


  • Profile picture (this can be a logo or a headshot) – 500 x 500 px
  • Store Banner (the image that appears at the top of your store which can have pictures, text, or both) – 625 (wide) x 300 (tall) px


mp3 audio

  • The full audio file for download
  • Short audio clip for preview on the page (less than 1 minute)
  • Product image – 300 x 300 px

Midi audio

  • The full midi file for download
  • Product image – 300 x 300 px

Sheet Music/Chart

  • PDF of the entire arrangement for download
  • Product image – 300 x 300 px
  • JPG of the first page of the music (or partial page for a chart) with or without a watermark for preview

Custom Arrangements or Services

  • Product image – 300 x 300 px
I have over 100 products and I don't want to upload them all. Can you do it for me?

Yes! We are happy to offer Store Setup and Upload services for a free through our webmaster, Tosca Web Design. Just visit her store page and select the services you need.