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Our special marketplace is designed specifically for cabaret professionals (Music Directors, Arrangers, Composers, etc) to sell their products and services, digitally and IRL (in real life). Midi and mp3 Accompaniment Files, Sheet Music, Recordings and Services of all kinds will be offered through each musician’s (vendor’s) individual store. It’s like eBay™ for Music!

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SuperScore™ from TimeWarp Technologies

Cabaret HotTrax is proud to partner with TimeWarp Technologies, a music software company that develops interactive software for performing musicians, music educators, students, and music hobbyists.

Cabaret HotTrax vendors will offer midi files and sheet music that can be used exclusively in TimeWarp’s premiere app SuperScore™.

SuperScore™ is the premiere app for viewing, managing, and interacting with your library of musical scores. SuperScore™ provides virtually unlimited notation sizes with Liquid Music Display™ technology. Simply use the standard pinch and spread gestures to find the size and layout that is right for you.

Use SuperScore™ to study, practice, or perform. Turn pages with a Bluetooth or MIDI foot pedal, annotate your scores, create set lists, listen to musical playback, and to the score interactive MIDI features. Even combine your PDF library with your SuperScore™ music.

SuperScore™ music files are available as in-app purchases.

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