A Double Dose of Y.O.U.


Piano vocal with vocalist Jeff Reim and pianist David Zipse in a lighthearted flirtatious confession.


“Composer Dana Paul Robinson has released the tune ‘A Double Dose of  Y.O.U. Robinson keeps things simple by featuring singer Jeff Reim with piano accompaniment, allowing listeners to focus on the tune’s overall mood. At its core ‘A Double Dose Of Y.O.U.’ is a love song with enough charm to make any listener crack a grin. Pianist David Zipse opens with a gentle accompaniment at a moderate pace to support the vocals. Jeff Reim sings with a light, carefree approach that nicely reflects the song’s message. His voice bounces along with the piano while leaving enough room for the music to shine. Listeners will likely find themselves humming along, engrossed by the tune’s approachability and bubbly atmosphere. Overall, ‘A Double Dose Of Y.O.U.’ by Dana Paul Robinson is a sweet song that is just what the doctor ordered. It features charming lyrics that brighten up the mood and provide a warm respite of fun.” (Zachary Larson, Radio Airplay)


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