All I Need Is All Of You


In this lighthearted and jazzy orchestration, vocalist Stefanie Griffin and arranger David Zipse clarify all that is necessary.


Stefanie Griffen and David Zipse breathe life into Dana Paul Robinson’s original composition “All I Need Is All Of You” – a delightfully memorable and lighthearted piece of adult contemporary music. A bouncing drive and timelessly engaging feel support expert instrumental work and an ear-catching vocal performance to make “All I Need Is All Of You” the sort of song that feels comfortably familiar and distinctively fresh all at once!

Stefanie’s vocal approach is marvelous – fully dynamic and wonderfully bright for the spirit of the lyrics! The lyrics themselves are classic – very characteristic of the independent lady archetype while still carrying a great deal of romance. The arrangement and instrumentation are playfully jazzy, really great for driving the harmonic narrative. I love the addition of the lone bowed string at 1:37 and in the further repetitions of the chorus, it really adds some depth to the melodic function! Beautiful work from everyone involved!

Dana Paul Robinson’s writing really carries a distinctive feel – incredibly reminiscent of show tunes and the Pop elements of Musical Theater. The way the harmony almost always serves the melody and the lyrical narrative is fully connected to theatrical tradition, and the contemporary structure and timing of DPR’s works give them a distinctively Broadway/Cinematic characteristic…. Fans of show tunes and sing-alongs will find it greatly appealing for its character and feel while others will be able to appreciate the jazzy instrumentals and talented vocals at face value – drawn into DPR’s universe one way or another! (Jon Wright, Radio Airplay)


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