Baby, I Won’t Be Home


With a driving EDM beat, jazz vocalist Stefanie Griffin and arranger David Zipse deliver this biting threat to an unfaithful lover.


Lending a dramatically soaring topline to a driving and accessible dance beat, Stefanie Griffin’s vocal performance of Dana Paul Robinson’s “Baby I Won’t Be Home” is fully transformed into an adrenaline-fueled piece of EDM by the creative arranging efforts of David Zipse. Bass-heavy and full of dynamic electronic production, the star of “Baby I Won’t Be Home” is, in every iteration of the work, Stefanie Griffin’s flamboyant vocal delivery – sassy and full of character!

Love Stefanie’s voice in this song! Really lovely delivery, very stylistic inflections and a sweeping range. THE EDM instrumental music is very dynamic – more that just functional, it carries a strong sense of growth and decay and keeps the track moving well. The combination of these elements presents a really convincing facsimile of modern Top 40 Pop – it would almost be impossible to tell that Stefanie Griffin was not originally recording a Pop 40 track if not for small hints in the melody. Really great work!


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