Because You’re Now a Stranger


Stefanie Griffin and Jeff Reim sing this duet about nostalgic loss.


“Outlining the cataclysmic aftermath of a collapsed relationship, Dana Paul Robinson’s “Because You’re Now A Stranger” offers listeners a richly emotive tapestry to lose themselves in as Stefanie Griffin and Jeff Reim bring the song’s characters to life! Melancholic and musically playful, “Because You’re Now A Stranger” feels warmly nostalgic and narratively cold all at once – evoking a strong sense of Musical Theater as the characters work through their duet of departure with somber stubbornness.

The combined efforts of Dana Paul Robinson and David Zipse once again create a lush musical vehicle for DPR’s lyrical prose – ebbing and flowing with the natural rhythms of the performers to give the experience a resounding sense of organic intimacy  and sincere heartbreak! Excellent instrumentals serve to elevate the vocal melodies and highlight the narratively appropriate brevity of the singers’ momentary harmonies before they separate once again into their respective monologues” (Jon Wright, Radio Airplay)


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