Empty Blue


Andrew Farstar, vocalist and arranger, performs this classic song of loneliness with mesmerizing horns.


The vocal stylings of Andrew Farstar put a lovely shine across of Dana Paul Robinson’s brilliant writing in this rendition of Empty Blue. Boasting expertly selected voicings and inspiring melodic and harmonic composition, Empty Blue is a smooth and sultry piece that perfectly captures deeply emotional sentiments through the beautiful lens of classic jazz.

                               The arrangement here is intensely lovely – the dynamic swells and gorgeous vocal tones are deeply intimate an emotionally evocative. The horn solos are delightful, adding a really nice brightness to the song while maintaining very succinct melody and mellow tone. The strings are nice and lush in the background and the piano supports fully. I think the simplicity of the melody and lyrics are a strength here, allowing the listeners to project themselves into the space rather efficiently. (Jon Wright, Radio Airplay)


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