Give Me A Girl Just Like You


Jeff Reim performs this warm and tender ballad to a young granddaughter.


“Dana Paul Robinson has put forward another song for piano and voice entitled ‘Give Me A Girl Just Like You’. The slow, open introduction lifts listeners up before bringing in a gentle, punctuated groove. The transition between sections is so effortless that it slips by without notice. Robinson has taken time with the lyrics, putting meaning into every phrase and rhyme. The warmth and tenderness behind the words shine through and are expressed with a brightness by singer Jeff Reim. Pianist David Zips graces listeners with a twinkling, capricious solo and confined accompaniment. As ‘Give Me A Girl Just Like You’ by Dana Paul Robinson reaches its final harmonies, listeners will no doubt find themselves in a better place than they began” (Zachary Larson, Radio Airplay)


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