I’m A Belt Without A Buckle


This piano/vocal featuring singer Jeff Reim and arranger David Zipse is an amusing collection of metaphors about the singer’s need for his intended loved-one.


“Philadelphia based songwriter Dana Paul Robinson tips his cap to the Tin Pan Alley tunesmiths of yesteryear, with the release of “I’m A Belt Without A Buckle”.  Packed to the brim with cleverly constructed metaphors, this jaunty tune finds Jeff Reim’s mellifluous vocal performance brilliantly accompanied by David Zipse’ light and bouncy stride style piano, as he gives musical form to the phrase, “you complete me”. To say this song has a timeless quality about it would be an understatement, as a pop song of this caliber has the ability to transcend temporal labels. Music enthusiasts across the board should not hesitate to check out the short but sweet “I’m a Belt Without A Buckle”, or any of Dana Paul Robinson’s other many fine songs that can be found online.

Great song, all around. A classic melody paired with brilliant lyrics. Very well written, some great metaphors pulled from a variety of sources, excellent rhyme scheme and meter, and even some sly alliteration thrown in for good measure nice piano playing, good rhythmic bounce, strong left hand. Nice solo through the empty verse. Vocals sound really good. Excellent harmonic contrast between the A and B sections, nice arrangement overall. Could almost see this worked out as a m/f duet, in the vein of Sinatra/Shore “Tea For Two” perhaps.” (Steven Azami, Radio Airplay)


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