I’m In The Dark About You


With this bouncing piano/vocal, the scintillating lyrics, singer Jeff Reim and arranger David Zipse demonstrate the frustration of love’s mixed signals.


:  Jeff Reim skillfully sings about the ambiguity of attraction in Dana Paul Robinson’s “I’m In The Dark About You”! From the perspective of the one who’s doing all the chasing, Reim brings Robinson’s playful lyrics to full life, lamenting the hot-and-cold, yes-and-no signals the narrator is receiving from the subject, set to bouncing solo piano and bringing a sense of levity to what is usually depicted as a deeply emotionally draining scenario! Great work on the keys throughout. …Excellent lyrical structure, par for the course as far as DPR is concerned. “Warm as wool pajamas and frigid as snow” leaves a lingering mental image with perfect juxtaposition for the subject matter. Pleasant melodic motion, very inviting and accessible.

                             The lyrical wit and narrative perspective on display in Dana Paul Robinson’s “I’m In The Dark About You” bears a wide-spread appeal – illuminating an experience that the vast majority of us have experienced firsthand! (Jon Wright, Radio Airplay)


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