It All Depends On You


This piano/vocal arrangement featuring Jeff Reim as vocalist and David Zipse at the piano is a jazzy invitation in a budding romance.


“With a sound that is straight out of the Great American Songbook, veteran songwriter Dana Paul Robinson’s original composition “It All Depends On You” should delight listeners of all ages, thanks to its wonderful synergy of melody and lyrics. This playful yet stirring love song about a budding romance features singer Jeff Reim and David Zipse on piano, displaying golden voice and nimble touch. Fans of expertly crafted, evergreen pop songs definitely need to check out “It All Depends On You” from Dana Paul Robinson as well as his other works that are available to purchase or stream on major music platforms.

Fantastic song, a truly outstanding melody. Engaging harmonic progression, especially through the B section. Vocal sounds great, and some very nice piano work as well, both with the rhythmic comping and in the little sole section. Excellent lyrics, classic love song material with solid flow and strong, consistent phrasing. Could definitely hear this tune being used as a featured piece in a musical theater production. It really just feels like an instant standard. Great job, from top to bottom!” (Steven Asami, Radio Airplay)


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