Jersey Shore Mirage


A piano/vocal with a timeless melody sung by Jeff Reim and played by the gifted Joe Louden.


“While there have been many songs written and recorded about the New Jersey shore, few have managed to capture and convey the romance and wonder so perfectly as lyricist/composer Dana Paul Robinson’s “Jersey Shore Mirage”. Featuring the gorgeous tenor of vocalist Jeff Reim and beautifully accompanied by Joe Louden, this track aptly opens with a field recording of the tide rolling in, gulls squawking as the waves gently caress the coastline. Louden’s piano fully mimics the gentle oceanic ebb and flow as Reim elegantly delivers the hauntingly exquisite melody and lyrics that were so thoughtfully crafted by expert tunesmith, Dana Paul Robinson. Delicate arpeggios cascade over the listener, bringing a deep sense of calm, while the lyrics tell a forlorn tale of longing and loneliness. The seaside foley returns at the end of the piece, giving this track a wonderful feeling of closure and completeness. “Jersey Shore Mirage” is simply a lovely tune, and one that should have little trouble finding a fanbase among jazz and easy listening audiences alike!

Truly a beautiful song. Captivating and timeless melody. Amazing vocal performance. Superb accompaniment. Such a subtle push and pull, both harmonically and rhythmically. Rarely do lyrics and music work together quite as well as they do here. Excellent recording and production, the brief foley sample of beach sounds really puts a nice cherry on top, and provides a brilliant framework for the tune. Just an outstanding piece, all around.” (Steven Azami, Radio Airplay)


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