Long Before


This long song by vocalist Jeff Reim and arranger David Zipse is as tender as it is intimate.


As the spotlight centers on the performer, Dana Paul Robinson’s “Long Before” delivers a beautiful love letter in song. “Long Before” professes a love that always existed. The gentle vocals massage your aural senses as the resolute and amiable message zeros to a beloved. This luscious melody calms your soul as it plays. A perfect tune that sets the mood or backdrop to a picturesque dinner or picnic. Don’t wait to express your love. Use Dana Paul Robinson’s “Long Before” to best convey your endearment.

The vocals are so eloquently executed. The vocal range is amazing and effortless. The vocal quality is mellow and rich. I literally get lost in listening to the singer’s soothing voice. I feel the love and emotion in how “Long Before” is sung. The dynamics and phrasing support the performance’s theatrical element. Impressive!

The arrangement is beautifully done. The old piano sound just gives you the idea of an intimate meeting like a date night at a lounge or home with great dinner and drinks. Then, the spotlight falls on the singer as the piano continues to play. The slightly out-of-tune piano makes me think of an old upright piano of the 1800s and early 1900s – an epitome of nostalgia. The expressive performance is capture so accurately. The recording was impeccably done. (PTotia Furlow, Radio Airplay)


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