Vocalist Jeff Reim and Arrange David Zipse deliver this melodic and lively jazz piano piece about turning a girl’s ‘maybe’ into her ‘now’.


Graceful in nature and showcasing a great amount of elegance, “Maybe” is a wonderfully melodic jazz piano piece that has a certain ebullient quality to it that makes for a highly pleasant listening experience. Jeff Reim gives an excellent performance, effortlessly combining a brilliantly understated vocal performance with Dave Zipse’s highly nuanced piano playing, the result is an uplifting tune that you can’t help but find charming.

The performance is superb, it boasts great character and personality whilst managing to flow brilliantly from start to finish. I like how the instrumentation has been kept to a minimum, by smartly choosing to focus solely on the piano and vocals, the listener can really focus their attention on the music and pick out the minute details, this allows for a more intimate connection to be made between the performed and audience. The performances are strengthened by a solid songwriting prowess that is both harmonically and melodically interesting, this results in a great amount of interplay between the vocals and piano. A great example can be heard at 0:29, the vocals sing a short melodic two-note motif on the word “Frustrating” which is soon followed by the piano answering with its own two-note motif directly after, it’s the little details such as this that help create an engaging piece of music that feels both organic and well crafted” (Andre Avanessian, Radio Airplay)


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