My Memory Of You


Vocalist Mary Ballad performs this percussion ballad anticipating reunion in another world.


“Brooding and yet hopeful, Dana Paul Robinson’s original ballad, “My Memory Of You”, pairs elegant compositional contours with well-penned and widely accessible lyrics to produce a listening experience that’s as somber and sophisticated as it is emotionally adroit and uplifting. Marty Babitz’ voice is the right instrument for the sound, complementing Dana Robinson’s compositional craft through stylistically appropriate vocal inflections and an enduring performative composure! DPR’s lyrical with is in full form here aw well, posting such pleasant patterns as ‘No power on earth can coerce or cajole, no beauty can inveigle me to part with my memory of you’ – drawing from both harmonic and linguistic palettes to paint a vivid image of heartbreak in motion.” (Jon Wright, Radio Airplay)


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