Near The Nearness Of You


This jazzy and melodic love song features singer Jeff Reim and pianist David Zipse


“ Dana Paul Robinson gives us yet another great track with “Near The Nearness Of You” with clever lyrics that convey what the heart wants to say. This is a jazzy melodic love song with an uplifting mood with its swing and heartfelt innocent confession. Dana is one of the few artists today that is able to replicate the greats of yesterday’s jazz/musical theater composers, but with his own original fresh compositions.

Dana! It’s been too long. I’m so happy to come across your new work. I’m so glad you continue to compose delightful pieces like “Near The Nearness Of You” with its jazzy swing and Cole Porter-esque lyrics, reminiscent of “You’re The Top” with Munt Kilmenjaro and Taj Maha. Very strong tempo and lyrics. The vocalist has a wonderful operatic musical theater voice and interpretation….Finally,….this would be a grat song for auditioning purposes. I recommend submitting your music for actors/skgers who are seeking original tunes for the purpose of auditioning” (Amarantha Cruz, Radio Airplay).


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