Only The Devil Can Dance Like You


Vocalist Jeff Reim and arranger Daivd Zipse deliver this sizzling piano/vocal jazz piece celebrating an irresistibly seductive dance style.


“Dana Paul Robinson has released the new original tune “Only The Devil Can Dance Like You”. Opening with a seductive bass line, “Only The Devil Can Dance Like You” turns down the lights with an intimate piano accompaniment to support the vocals. Searching for the tempting, sinful side of its subject, the lyrics determine that only someone in tune with the devil could be so irresistibly tantalizing. They paint a steamy picture of lust and seduction that few should be lucky enough see. Reim sings with a capricious air and lightly holds the audience captive without allowing them to slip away. His voice swells with the lyrics and points itself at each individual listener. As the tune progresses, listeners may find themselves spiraling down with the mesmerizing mood cast by Reim’s performance. With the release of “Only The Devil Can Dance Like You”, Dana Paul Robinson teases with his artistry and leaves audiences wanting more.” (Zachary Larson, Radio Airplay).


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