Jazz vocalist Stefanie Griffin and arranger Andrew Farstar deliver this amusing warning about Scorpios with brilliant lyrics and rich astrological references.

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This astrologically themed tune is quite a departure from all of the previous songs I’ve reviewed by Dana Paul Robinson. The arrangement feels much more experimental, fresh and contemporary. I absolutely loved the melody and how the song has a breakdown, radically changing the mood. Of course, certain signature things remain the same as in Dana’s previous songs such as his truly admirable ability to cook up clever lyrics that make you laugh out loud, yet there’s always something sobering and honest – a message – for the listener. “Scorpios” transcends cultures, however, I would argue that all of Dana’s work touches on universal themes appealing to people everywhere. The lyrics are clever and very funny.  Dana is a brilliant lyricist! – (Ama Cruz, Radio Airplay)


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