Jazz vocalist Sevil Sarah and arranger Andrew Farstar bring to life this hypnotic Bossa Nova celebrating the discovery of love.


:  From the first moments of “Until”, listeners are transported by the compositional stylings of Dana Paul Robinson. Beginning with a jazzy Bossa Nova feel and quickly incorporating the soothing vocal qualities of Sevil Sabah, “Until” carried a lilting, satin sheen that lulls listeners ever deeper into a soundscape of smooth sailing and gentle breeze – inviting us to take a moment just to wonder. The overall feel is really wonderful – there’s a lovely fullness to the sound while still retaining an airy sense of organic expression…. Excellent lyrics, and wonderful performance from Ms Sabah….. The strings are sublime, filling the space but not dominating or drawing attention away for the lead lines….This is a really excellent composition. – (Jon Wright, Radio Airplay)



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