What’s In This Pie?


In this jazzy orchestration, vocalist Jeff Reim and arranger David Zipse question the mysterious ingredient in Mrs. Jones’ pie.


Dana Paul Robinson’s timeless musicality delivers a steaming slice of Jazzy lyrical wit with the original composition ‘What’s In This Pie?”. Jeff Reim’s boisterous and bold vocal tones bring DPR’s words to comical life with the skillful support of bright brass and warm keys – asking with increasing bewilderment “What’ in this pie?”

Very clever lyrics – seriously fund and well arranged! The connotation of cannabis or some other psychoactive additive in an unassuming pie makes the classic Jazz deliveries in this piece seem as though they’re in on the joke – as though everything is trying to keep it together for the sake of the dinner engagement even though it’s floating away. Wonderful performances, really great writing!

“What’s In This Pie?” carries a musical quality that makes it appealing to fans of Jazz and showtunes, but with the connotations of the lyrical content, it is very possible for tis to become a celebrated piece of cannabis-related comedy! (Jon Wright, Radio Airplay).


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