When I’m Good and Ready


With this sassy ballad, jazz vocalist Stefanie Griffin and arranger David Zipse capture the anticipation in cat-and-mouse romance.


Dana Paul Robinson produces yet another smoky piece of contemporary Jazz with the original tune “When I’m Good And Ready”! Aided by the talented arranging efforts of David Zipse and the sublime vocal prowess of Stefanie Griffin, Dana Paul Robinson’s writing expertly captures the roundabout, sometimes excruciatingly elongated game of cat-and-mouse that defines romantic entanglement – affirmed by Griffin’s playfully delivered “When I’m Good And Ready, and you’re gonna know”.

Clever lyrical writing as always from DPR! The cadence and flow of the words here really lend themselves to the sound, with the focus on the physically amorous playing perfectly into the quasi-cabaret style – setting this tune in a way that could be interpreted as a narrative development between protagonist lovers as easily as it could be assigned to a seductive siren in a classic strip-tease. Griffin’s performance really brings the character to life, and Zipse’s assignment of horn, strings and grand harmonic movements does much to elevate the imagery. Wonderful work, and great form! (Jon Wright, Radio Airplay).


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