Who Needs Marijuana When You’re Around


In this jazzy combo, vocalist Jeff Reim and arranger David Zipse point out the irrelevance of cannabis.


Cleverly responding to the growing global popularity of cannabis, Dana Paul Robinson pens lyrics that riff on the simple romantic statement, “Who needs marijuana when you’re around?”. This song explores an abundance of succinct references to the once-taboo topic, with Jeff Reim’s warmly dulcet vocals fully realizing the narrator’s intent to supplement each and every method of buzz-chasing with the love he feels for the “You” in question.

                                  The bouncy, tongue-in-cheek tone achieved in this recording is exactly right for the circumstance! Jeff Reim’s performance suits both the humorous premise and the musical maturity present in the piece – allowing “Who Needs Marijuana” to exist both as satire and as a sincere declaration of affection. Expert lyrical arrangement, with the plethora of pot references and abundance of satisfying rhyme alignments producing a memorable and even repeatable verbal component for the tune. The sax feature around 1:40 is brilliantly delivered and segues perfectly into the trumpet solo. Really great arrangement from David Zipse. (Jon Wright, Radio Airplay).


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